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About The Company

Our History

Shenzhen S-Track Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of audio products especially audio processor,digital mixer,dante interface.The products have obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, providing users with professional products and overall solutions in conference, education, justice, business, transportation, finance and other fields; Committed to audio and video digitization, networking, intelligent, actively build an audio and video intelligent ecological circle

1.S-TRACK,We also call it “Sheng Fei Te” in Chinese, It means “sound is very special”.

2.Buffett is the tycoon of the investment industry, and "S-TRACK" is determined to be the tycoon of the audio industry.

3.Logo is composed of three initial letters S, F and T in Chinese.

4.Logo pattern is a deformed word of "craftsman", implying that "S-TRACK" pursues excellent craftsman spirit to create ingenious products, which is the ultimate pursuit of "S-TRACK" for products.

5.The English "S-TRACK" and "S" are the initials of "sound" and "service", indicating that "S-TRACK" is a company of "audio technology research and development and service". "Track" means "trace" in English, which means "sound field" leaves a solid mark in the audio field by virtue of "audio technology and service".

6.The logo color is pure blue, on the one hand, it shows that "S-TRACK" is engaged in the high-tech field. On the other hand, blue means "grand blueprint".

Our Factory


Factory is located in guangming district,shenzhen, Since the establishment of the factory in 2013, more than 9 years of professional experience in the production of audio devices, 3 production line ,with advanced test equipment, whole solid QC system control good quality. Welcome the domestic and foreign merchants sincere cooperation, creates magnificently together. 10kpcs per month assembly ability

Products Line

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