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2023 Guangzhou Pro Light and Sound Exhibition | Ten Years of Soundfit, Special Acceleration


The four day 2023 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition has come to a perfect conclusion today. Sounfett thanks all industry colleagues for coming to the exhibition hall to guide and visit.

This time, Sofitel has five exhibition areas with a wide variety of exhibits, including the latest products. Both in appearance and function, it reflects Sofitel's professional level in audio technology research and development, leaving a deep impression on customers during the exhibition process. Let's take a look together.

Super Tracking - Rapid Response "is an important factor that has earned recognition from friends and teachers in the past. Now and in the future," Super Tracking - Rapid Response "has become the mindset of the Sofitel enterprise. Sofitel=Super Tracking, especially accelerating in the next 10 years!

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